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Learning foreign language

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Learning of foreign language should start as soon as possible, the best time is to start this process in kindergarten. 

First, there is mounting evidence that kids the best learns foreign language in kindergarten and in the future have better results in education that kids who started learn language later. Moreover, they can learn the correct pronunciation which can not be achieved at later age or could be very difficult. 

Second, this method is very pleasant, kids learn through play. Also, kids speak fluently before primary school which can pay in the future through good and well paid job. 

Third, children in young age experiencing new culture and laearns tolerance towards other country. 

To sum up, learning of foreign language in young age is the best decision because it helps later in education and it is a method very pleasant for children.

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is a 2003 romantic comedy film.

Andie works in editor’s office and she wants to change subject matters about she writes. Andie wants to write an article about how to lose a guy in 10 days. The topic is based on experience of her friend, Michelle, who can’t find true love. A woman in 10 days finds a man, give that he falls in love with her and later she brake with him. All the time during they relations she will writes advices for readers.

Her intended is Benjamin who tries to change line of business. He wants to promote and he bets that he will falls in love with woman in 10 days.

The fortune causes that Andie and Benjamin meet together and in this moment starts series of funnies situations. Andie wants to puts Benjamin off her and he wants to persevere 10 days in relationship.

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I would like to tell about Twilight, the most popular series for teenagers and adults which starts next series about vampires.

Twilight is a a series of four fantasy romance novel written by American author Stephenie Meyer.  Also, Summit Entertainment realised adaptation of books in five parts.

Isabella „Bella” Swan moves from Phoenix to live with her father in Forks. She is different that other teenagers, she is very calm and shy. One day, she meets a Edward  Cullen, who for unexplained reasons avoid her. She wants to know why and she starts to search answers why Edward is different that other people and avoid her. His reason why he avoid her is because he doesn’t want to expose Bella to danger.

Later, Edward and Bella are in love and he is fascinated by Bella because she is the only person who understand him.  He can’t understand how she can loves him. The four books tells a story of love of Bella and Edward.

Why this books are so popular? Maybe the reason is that for a lot of people this topic is very interesting. In public press we can read a lot of this books. The general opinion is negative but the number of copies of books speak for themselves.

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sobota, 6 maja 2017

The Captive

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The Captive (Polish: Pojmani) is a Canadian thriller. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson, Mireill Enos, Kevin Durand and Alexia Fast.

The film is a story about family tragedy, which is disappearance of child and about consecuences of this incident.

Matthew and Tina are a marriage and they are very happy together. They have a 8-year-old daughter, Cassandra, who is very talented child.

One day, when Matthew and Cassandra come back home, Matthew stops the car near cake shop, he leaves his daughter alone in the car goes to buy cake. When he come back, the car is empty.

In this moment, starts  battle against time. Matthew, is suspect to be responsible for disappearing of Cassandra. The police can’t do anything because there is no sign where could abide a child.

Passed eight years, and all the time there is no sign where is Cassandra. The marriage od Matthew and Tina practically no exist. Matthew feels guilty for Cassandra’s disappearance. Tina all the time works in the hotel as a cleaning lady. Sometimes, in the rooms which she cleans she finds stuffs which belongs to Cassandra but later this stuffs disappears. Tina, thinks that she has hallucinations. But it isn’t true. In police she has a friend, policewoman, Nicole. She with her partner, Jeffrey work in department of police where look for people responsible for kidnapping of small childs. They suspect, that Cassandra is holding and she is responsible for enroll new childs. That means she is very important for kidnappers. Also, turns out that during eight years Matthew and Tina were observed for kidnappers. At the end of film, Matthew and Tina finds a Cassandra.

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Acapulco de Juárez

Acapulco de Juárez is an city near Pacific Ocean, which all the time is alive and this is an city where live a “clavadistas”, an jumpers. This city is the best known Mexican resort.

The name Acapulco means a place, where grow sugar canes. Before at the beginning of XVI century Hernán Cortés arrived to gulf, where indigenous  inhabitants lived there two thousands years, and fishing village changed in resort.

The most important town is Zócalo, and situated in western part a square Acapulco with beaytiful alleys. In this square, take places the all events. But, not for old town comes all tourists. The reason are beaches: Playa Dominguillo, Tamarinos, Hornos, Hornitos, El Moro, Condesa or Icacos. Also, very popular is La Quebrada, 40-metres cliff. In this place clavadistas every day jump.

How we can get there? The best option is flight to United States, but  sometimes are very profitable flights from Warsaw.  The price is about four thousand zloty. 

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I Know Who You Are

Sé quién eres (Spanish: I Know Who You Are) is a 16-episode Spanish televison drama series created by Pau Freixas for Telecinco.

Juan Elías is a lawyer who had an car accident and he suffers a lost of memory. His wife, judge Alicia Castro wants to help him and she tries to reconstruct the events when the vehicle is found. In the same time, disappeared Ana Saura, a niece of Juan. In the car police found Ana’s blood and her father, Ramón wants to prove Juan is responsible for Ana´s disappearance.

Juan says that he doesn´t remember anything before accident but this could be a lie. Probably, he remebers something. Situation is very starange because in the criminal trail he explain oneself to amnesia, but before the accident he used to defends clients in the court in the same way.

During the criminal trial Juan must prove innocence in front of Eva Durán, his student. She knows him and she  believes that he commited crime.

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How to learn foreign language every day?

How to learn foreign language every day? The best option is learn language every day, and practise when we can. It’s normal that not every day we have enough time, but we should try to find time to learn.
I have a few advices how we can learn foreign language:
1.      We can learn language during shopping. For example: when we do shopping and we don’t know how to translate a name of a product we can write it down and later check in dictionary.
2.      We should try translate everything what we see and what we do in everyday life. It is a very good idea to have small notebook, where we can write down words which we can’t translate. This option is very useful when we want to have varied vocabulary.
3.      The next idea are films and series. For me this option is the best. I am actually studying Spanish philology and watching films and series for me  is a manner of learning a language. Usually I watch  films with subtitles or I choose original films. I know that this helps me to understand a foreign language better and learn new phrases. When I am watching  film or a series I can hear a pronunciation of words of actors and learn colloquial phrases.

4.      Also, we can read in foreign language. We have a lot of options. For example, we can choose a book, newspaper or magazine. Everything depend on our level of language. If our level of language is elementary we can learn books with translation. In this book we have translation of difficult  vocabulary.
5.      The new help in learning are podcasts. On the Internet we can find a lot of pages which offers podcasts and we can download them.
We have a lot of options to learn foreign language, but the most important is regularity.

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